Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sweetharts & Sweethunks Cutie Contest

Time for another round of Sweetharts and Sweethunks Cutie Contest!
To enter email me a picture of your lil sweetie to either
also include their name so I can label each cutie

I will then enter your picture and the voting begins. Votes can be made on both Facebook and this blog, so you could get 2 votes per picture with voting on each. Attentional votes for commenting on Facebook and Blog that you are a new friend or new follower. So that is a chance to enter 4times per cutie!!

Spread the word and get your family and friends to vote for your cutie.

Winner will be announced Sunday March 27th.
Prize will be a credit to shop at

(I will add pictures to this post once pictures are submitted)

Sweethart Madison

Sweethart Alana
Sweethunk Graison Adam
Sweethart Rayedyn Lora
Sweethart Makaia

Sweethart Malaia

Sweethart Mia

1 comment:

Wittie15 said...

Rayedyn and Graison are so stinkin cute!


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