Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Line Inspiration

I have taken a note or two from the latest trends, trying to stay on top and reinvent my lines of accessoires. From my rosettes, to clutches, the new spring and summer trend color trends are in and I couldnt be more excited to get to work. I wanted to share a sneak peak at my inspiration board for the colors that are going to be showing up in my new accessories.

This upcoming season for Sweetharts you will be seeing, pops of colors with nudes.


Excited yet? All the rage this spring and summer is also hippy inspired braids, I plan on adding braided headbands to the rosette family as well, I posted earlier this week with my Hippy Chic line I have been working on inpired by Oh Fiddlesticks tees and of course my oh so hippy happy sister :)

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